100 Signatures tells the story of middle school teacher Dean Greco’s run for Congress.  As an Independent candidate running on a platform promoting “all day breakfast”, Dean soon finds that the pancakes are stacked against him.

​Determined to understand why Independent and third-party candidates have a difficult time collecting votes, Dean and his wife/campaign manager, Nicole, tour America. They set out to start a conversation on how the system can allow better access for all challengers. They speak to candidates, strategists, political scientists, and even the “King” of rock ‘n roll. 

Interviews include...

Theresa Amato - campaign manager for Ralph Nader’s 2000 & 2004 presidential campaigns
Bill Hillsman- author and advertising strategist behind Jesse Ventura and Paul Wellstone’s famous ads
Michael Munger - Libertarian gubernatorial candidate and Duke University political science professor 
Angus King - current Senator (I) and former governor of Maine (I)
Richard Winger - founder and editor, Ballot Access News
Also...Tom Green, Tito Santana and Leon Rhodes among others!


Here’s what audiences are saying:

“Professional...enlightening...I especially want every Green party member to see it.”

Steve Welzer - Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate (NJ)

“Funny, engaging” - Ballot Access News

“MIght shame our major party officials into correcting their course and work to involve more people in the process.” 

Dan Drexler - Chairman, Libertarian Party of Indiana

“Clever...an ideal introduction for wannabe candidates, covers the entire process."

Ken Krawchuk - Libertarian Party Gubernatorial Candidate (PA)

“Dean uses his experience as a teacher and sense of humor to greatly entertain and educate. Will engage students and teachers of civics & government. I am eager to add it to my library."

 Steven Bechtler- NJ High School Civics/Government teacher

“Every high school student in the country should see this.” - Eric Dasher, edutainer 

“Great film! I learned so much about local politics and election laws, very entertaining too!   Jason Kucharski - President Columbia University Libertarians