Company Profile

Focus On The Good LLC


Founded: 2008

Owners: Dean and Nicole Greco

About Us: Focus on the Good, LLC is a positive media company. Our goal is to put the spotlight on people and perspectives not currently served by mainstream media. Focus on the Good, LLC is the alternative to negative media and bad news.

Recent Projects

100 Signatures (Feature)

What does breakfast have to do with politics? Everything, if you ask middle school teacher Dean Greco. Join him as he runs for Congress as the All Day Breakfast Party candidate and travels the country on a mission to encourage and inspire. Watch Dean make civics part of your complete breakfast.

Bottled Up: The Legend of Boost!
New Jersey is a state known for its secrets. For almost a century, Burlington County's best kept secret has remained confined to only a handful of towns. In 'Bottled Up: The Legend of Boost!' Dean and Nicole Greco explore the phenomenon known as Boost! from its history to the cultural influences behind its success. Is it just a soft drink or does it have super powers? Learn about Boost! from those who know and love it.

NJ: From Pikes to Peaks

For decades, out-of-towners have formed an unflattering impression of New Jersey thanks to the drive from Newark Liberty Airport to New York City. From 'Pike to Peaks follows one Jersey Girl as she travels along the Turnpike to challenge misconceptions of her beloved Garden State. Featuring candid responses from natives and visitors alike, viewers are treated to a tour off the beaten path.

Nicole Lieb Greco is an anchor/reporter, producer and writer who has worked in every aspect of media production (except the stuff Dean does). She began her career as a newspaper reporter before trading her pen for a microphone. Nicole was worked as a “one man band” reporter, anchor of a nightly news show in the New York City market and an on-air personality for a web-based technology network. Her experience on-camera and behind-the-scenes has made Nicole acutely aware of the need for enriching entertainment. She is currently president of Small Media & Large, LLC a communications consulting firm. Nicole married a great guy who gave her “a better TV name.”

Dean Greco has worked as a video editor, technical director and master control operator with various news and media organizations. He is currently a middle school social studies teacher in New Jersey and has also taught TV production. Dean also has a background in entertainment performing stand-up comedy throughout New York City and New Jersey. He studied sketch comedy and improv with some of today's most influential writers. Though Dean is a drive-time radio favorite in Indianapolis, Nicole is his biggest fan. 

Dean & Nicole Greco